Chicken Shish                      £10.95

Char-grilled marinated chicken cubes on skewer

Chicken Wings 8pcs            £10.95

Char-grilled specially prepared chicken wings

Chicken Kofte                       £10.95

Char-grilled specially prepared minced chicken on skewer

Pilic (Whole Chicken)           £12.95

Baby chicken seasoned with mixed herbs, lemon cooked over charcoal grill

Lamb Shish                           £12.95

Char-grilled marinated lamb cubes on skewer

Adana                                    £10.95

Char-grilled specially prepared minced lamb on skewer

Lamb Ribs                             £12.00

Char-grilled lamb spare ribs

Lamb Chops (3 pcs)             £14.50

Char-grilled seasoned tender lamb chops

Kul Basti                                 £13.50

Tender fillet of lamb cooked over charcoals

Mixed Kebab                         £15.50

Selection of lamb and chicken cubes, lamb cutlet, chicken wings, doner and minced lamb