2 course £7.95

Choose a soup or starter and main course from below

3 course £9.00

Choose a soup or starter, main course and drink from below


Lentil Soup(Mercimek Çorbası)
Lamb Soup(Sade Paça)


Spicy Mixed Olives
(Karışık Zeytin)
Marinated black and green olives dressed with garlic, celery, spring
onion, Scotch bonnet pepper and diced lemons
Homemade, chickpeas with tahini, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice,
served with a sprinkle of paprika
Blended cod roe dressed with lemon juice and olive oil
Fresh homemade yoghurt mixed with cucumbers, garlic, mint, sea salt
and olive oil
Patlıcan Soslu
Aubergine stewed with tomato puree, onion, sweet pepper, garlic, herbs
and olive oil
Herbs with onion, tomato sauce, bulgur, fresh mint, spring onion, parsley,
red pepper and olive oil
Yaprak Dolma
Rice, pine nuts and aromatic herbs wrapped in vine leaves with
onion, olive oil and blackcurrant
Pancar Salata
Beetroot slices with garlic, red wine vinegar, corriander, black pepper
and olive oil
Rus Salatası
Russian salad, combining potato, carrot, peas, sweetcorn and
gherkin mixed together in mayonnaise
Acılı Ezme
Mixed herbs, tomato, Scotch bonnet pepper, onion and parsley
in lemon juice and olive oil
Spinach Tarator
(Ispanak Tarator)
Fresh spinach with creamy yoghurt and
a hint of garlic


Chicken Shish
(Tavuk Şiş)
Char-grilled marinated chicken cubes on skewer
Chicken Döner
(Tavuk Döner)
House special chicken doner
Chicken Wings 6pcs
(Tavuk Kanat 6 adet)
Char-grilled chicken wings
Chicken Köfte
(Tavuk Köfte)
Char-grilled specially prepared minced chicken
Lamb Shish
(Kuzu Şiş)
Char-grilled marinated lamb cubes on skewer
Adana Köfte
Char-grilled specially prepared minced lamb on skewer
Lamb Musakka
(Kuzu Musakka)
Layers of minced lamb, aubergine, and potatoes topped
with cheese sauce
Vegetarian Musakka
(Sebzeli Musakka)
Aubergine, potatoes, green peppers, courgette, tomatoes & onions
cooked in oven with Béchamel sauce
Lamb Casserole
(Kuzu Güveç)
Tender lamb pieces, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes & onions topped
with Chef’s sauce, cooked in an earthenware dish, served with rice
and salad.
Karışık Kızartma
Fried aubergine, sweet pepper, courgette, tomato and garlic
with yoghurt
Imam Bayıldı
Aubergine stuffed with tomato, onion, green pepper, parsley
and garlic
Tavuk Salatası
Marinated grilled chicken served with a fresh salad of mixed
green leaves
Deep fried broad bean, cinnamon, chickpeas, pepper, sesame seeds,
mixed vegetables, garlic and served with hummus

Vegetarian Kebab

(Vejeteryen Kebabı)

Vegetables grilled over charcoal
Salmon with chips and salad